Tyres are one of the most important parts of your car. It is only these four pieces of rubber that keep you and your vehicle on the road.

Tyres in Fulham/London can be expensive but we aim to please! We offer a competitive price on all our tyres from budget to premium and we will also do our best to price match.

We understand how important is to keep your car on the road, so we aim to get you going ASAP.

Contact us, so we can assist you with any queries.

Premium & Budget Tyres

We believe in giving you the choice. We sell tyres from all the tyre manufacturers, including Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental, Avon, Hankook and Michelin to name just a few.

If you don’t know where to start with tyres and the confusing options, we’ll be happy to talk you through them. Explain the pros and cons and the how they differ.

When cost is the main priority, we will recommend the best quality within your budget. For those who decide quality out weighs cost, we will talk you through all the tyre options available.

Winter & Summer Tyres Available

The winters are getting harsher and can cause trouble for drivers. Also it is a requirement in some countries that they are fitted at certain times of year.

You can give yourself that extra protection with a set winter tyres for your car.

Like regular tyres, we have a range of options to select from so we can make sure we get the best for your budget.

We can also talk about the benefits of having winter tyres and when to change back to your original ones.

Maintaining Your Tyres

This area of car maintenance is one that many people forget about. Many vehicles fail their MOTs because of their tyres.

When changing them, our technicians will talk you through proper maintenance and help you understand when the tread is thinning, possible dangers and the proper inflation levels of the tyres.

Not only will your tyres last longer, you will improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Contact us, so we can assist you with any quires.

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Jamie Ettedgui
Jamie Ettedgui
Great service as always
Jamilla Thrane
Jamilla Thrane
Great service always!
Sam Dean
Sam Dean
Great work at a good price, and completely trust them to care for my car like I do!
John Corfield
John Corfield
Great service
Phoebe McCall
Phoebe McCall
Highly recommend !
Edward Rothwell
Edward Rothwell
Been a customer twice now, excellent attention to detail, they really care about giving you a fair price and getting the most out of your vehicle. Would recommend to Peugeot drivers! Helena
Amazing service every time! Very professional and friendly team! Highly recommend
Tina Ellis
Tina Ellis
Great service and lovely staff. Totally trustworthy.